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Practical solutions to your safety challenges

page_our-clientsOur clients range from Multinationals to privately owned companies in the IT, Marine and Leisure, Engineering, Commercial and Retail sectors.

Most of our clients say that they continue to renew contracts with us because of the following advantage that we seem to have over other EHS consulting firms: we roll up our sleeves, take initiative and provide them with a lot of “pain relief”, i.e. practical solutions to their existing safety challenges.

A boat building company

Case study – a boat building client

“In 2010 one of our boat building clients wanted to use a very corrosive and dangerous liquid chemical for cleaning the hull of aluminium vessels. This particular chemical was absorbed directly through the skin and started to attack the bones, the skin provided no barrier as would be the case with many acids. The chemical had to be applied with long handled tools in order to access all areas of the hull while avoiding standing directly below the applicator. The problem was that save turning the boat upside down there was no safe method of application of the chemical that did have a significant risk of the chemical running down onto the employees.

There were three options:

  1. Don’t complete the work as it was too dangerous.
  2. Take the risk and work with PPE and emergency procedures to deal with and run back.
  3. Design a safe method of application that allowed the company to use the most effective chemical for the task but also provide a cost effective solution to the problem of run back.

The easy option was the first and while the client would have accepted that they just had to turn the work away Paul did not want to take that route unless unavoidable. Option two was unacceptable due to the rapid absorption of this substance and no matter how good the PPE there was an unacceptable risk. Working as always on the principal of finding a safe way of working that allowed the client to achieve their goals while providing maximum protection of employees. Paul remembered the method used during his Naval time of preventing rats accessing ship by climbing up the mooring lines. They used an inverted cone to create an impregnable barrier to the rats. Using this as the basis Paul found that if an ordinary funnel was slid along the handle of the applicators it would provide a similar barrier and with proper sealing it could stop the run back completely. This allowed the collection of any run back that could be easily deposited in the drip tray. This idea was tested with water and worked perfectly. The task was completed without any injury, within budget and to everyone’s satisfaction. This is just one example of how Daedalus Safety approach a problem; we work with clients to solve their problems not to prevent them from doing things.”