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About Daedalus Safety

General promoDaedalus Safety (formerly Paul Huber Ltd) is an Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) consulting company based in the UK and handling projecs across Europe, Middle East, Africa and India. Our clients range from Multinationals to privately owned companies in the IT, Marine and Leisure, Engineering, Commercial and Retail sectors.

An important advantage of working with Daedalus Safety is the combination of different fields of expertise our consultants have. Our strengths are in our multidisciplinary approach which includes:

  • understanding of regulatory processes in the field of EHS;
  • hands-on safety solutions tailored to addressing real-life business needs;
  • a great team of experts;
  • complete dedication to the client’s objectives;
  • trustworthiness and ability to build long lasting business relationships.

Daedalus Safety currently employs full-time consultants specialized in Ergonomics, Fire Safety and Risk Assessment, Environment and Health & Safety. We are a small but quickly growing company, so please check our “Jobs” section regularly if you are interested in becoming part of the Daedalus team.

Our services

Daedalus Safety provides a wide range of services in Environmental, Health and Safety management. We can help you find practical solutions in the following areas of EHS:

Chemical risk assessment: Working with chemicals implies that all safety issues falling under the applicable safety legislation are considered and that risk assessment becomes an essential part of complying with existing safety laws and regulations. Through our risk assessments we provide you with evaluations of hazard and exposure, and recommendations on safe handling of chemicals.

Occupational Hygiene services: we help you eliminate health and safety hazards that can lead to ill health of your employees. We identify and eliminate all physical hazards such as noise and vibration, as well as exposure to dangerous chemicals (such as vapours, fumes, etc). We monitor air quality to make sure that your employees are not exposed to volatile organic compounds, carbon dioxide and other odours and particulates by monitoring levels of humidity, ventilation, temperature and airborne dust.

Ergonomics: we provide workplace assessment and training  to ensure that your workplace fits your employees. Work-related injuries are still a significant source of costs for big companies, and Daedalus Safety helps you eliminate these costs by minimising injury and harm risks.

We also provide consulting and training in fire safety and safety management in historic buildings. Our work includes both consulting as well as training. To get a quote for your project please send an email to or call +447702434403.

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